Make Your Own Creative & Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrappers

Eco-friendly gift wrapper ideas this Christmas

How to make your own Eco-friendly wrapping paper this Christmas

Christmas is a season to show gratitude and appreciation through gift-giving, however, it is also a season where a lot of wastage is generated. Every year, billions of gift wrappers end up as trash, filling up landfills across the world.

One easy way to reduce the amount you throw out, while also getting creative, is by making your own eco-friendly gift wrap.

Here’s our little guide on how to wrap presents without polluting the environment:


Make your own gift wrapper out of old magazine, newspaper, or reuse wrapper from the presents you received last year.

Photo Credit: Stylist 


Make your gift doubly useful by wrapping it in something the recipient can use again, such as a pretty scarf, table cloth or tote bag.

Photo Credit: Earth Hero 


Decorate your wrapper by printing them with paints made from food or vegetable dye, topped with paper ribbons and recyclable twine. 

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Fold the wrapper using Japanese origami method, without using sellotape. Let's take a look at the video on how you can wrap presents without any adhesives at all.

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