Keeping LaLa Bear Happy

LaLa is our friendly polar bear that is worried about losing his home. We can keep his home safe by reducing our personal carbon footprint, which is the major cause of greenhouse gas emission and massive climate change. Thus, after many months of research, we have develop some alternative products that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint that normal household cleaners have. Instead of lugging heavy detergent bottles around that contain 90% water, in large plastics container, we have great solution for it. Check out our Laundry Pyramid and Eco Floor Sheets for a start.

CO2 Neutral

All our products and packaging are designed to minimize our carbon footprint. But like any business we still have a carbon footprint and we ensure to offset that one to a net negative footprint.

Natural Ingredients

Chemicals are harmful for nature and humans. We find good, natural ingredients for our product that are kind on nature but also kind on you and your loved ones.

Charitable Efforts

We donate at least 10% of our profits to charities. Depending on where we see the biggest need for support at a time, we will select a good, recognized, charity to support.

Support needy

We keep an eye out for opportunities to help the less fortunate. A good example is our laundry pyramids. The pyramid pouches are made by a single mother that by making these pouches she was able to earn a little extra income.

We do our best to bring good to the world by providing excellent products and amazing customer support. At the same time we want to revolutionize the household product industry by making it sustainable.
  • Exchange and Return
    When you are not satisfied with your product or service. Reach out to us and we will arrange a replacement or a refund.
  • Customer Support
    Our friendly customer service employees are always in standby to attend to your questions. Reach out to us via any of the below channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Feedback
    We love feedback, please share your comments, questions and suggestions and we will make sure they are carefully considered and addressed.

Naturali Clean Team

Drive by a passion for changing the world of household cleaning products from toxic, high pollution or very expensive sustainable to affordable and sustainable by setting new standards for product quality and delivery.


Happiness Bear
This big bear loves French fries and a good conversation. When you want to have a friendly chat about anything, or you are looking for the best food in town, ask her and she will be more then happy to help. Celine takes care of our customers by making sure that all the product information is clear and she enjoys finding solutions to any problems. She loves to research and share her findings on Instagram too.


Brand Ambassador
Chris is well balanced and likes to do yoga every day. But despite being a yoga fanatic, he is always suffering from some kind of ache. Surprisingly, he dislikes seafood, but loves a good burger and beer. Chris is responsible for a lot of things but most importantly, he finds the right items at the right price to be delivered at the right time, so our customers can be happy and he can keep our polar bear friends safe.